Polish Government Approves Plans for a New Airport

Photo: shutterstock.com

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Polish lawmakers have approved divisive legislation to build one of Europe’s largest airports that would begin operations in about a decade and would be located between Warsaw and the city of Lodz.

Estimated costs of the future airport reach up to 7 billion euros.  It is initially to serve some 45 million passengers a year, along with huge cargo traffic between Asia and Europe. Its target capacity is to be 100 million passengers a year.

Additionally, the construction of a new hub probably would force several existing airports in central Poland to be closed. Meanwhile Poland’s official in charge of the project, Mikolaj Wild, said that Chopin airport has reached its capacity and is a noisy inconvenience to hundreds of thousands of people living in its neighborhood. The new facility, in turn, will be better-placed and will offer huge economic potential for the region and the entire country.

Nevertheless, an approval from the Senate and President Andrzej Duda is still needed.

Source: AP/Reuters