Aero Clube do Rio Grande do Norte

Founded on February 11, 1928, and its own headquarters located in the future Av. Hermes da Fonseca is inaugurated on December 29, 1928. This event had members of the Potiguar society and several guests, representatives of the state governments and minister of the the road. The peak of the festivities, happened after the memorial speech of the exmo. President of the State and first president of the Aeroclube, Juvenal Lamartine de Faria, when all present, founding members and authorities represented, signed the ATA of foundation of Aeroclube. This area had once belonged to former governor Alberto Maranhão, who had given this area a symbolic amount at the request of his Exmo. Governor Juvenal Lamartine.

Ab Initio Training Cadet Programmes Bachelor's Degree Type Rating Training Cabin Crew Training Ground Handling Training Helicopter Training UAV/UAS Training

Private N/A N/A
2 instructors N/A N/A

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