Rejected Take-off Results in Eagle Air Let L-410 Runway Excursion

Photo: @ Ayuenphilip Atiel

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An Eagle Air Let L-410, registration 5X-EIV performing flight H7-360 from Yei (South Sudan) to Arua (Uganda) with 17 passengers and 3 crew, was accelerating for takeoff at about 10:30L (when the crew rejected takeoff at high speed, the aircraft went off the runway and came to a stop with the nose gear collapsed.

There were a number of minor injuries, the aircraft received substantial damage.

@ Ayuenphilip Atiel

The pilot told local media that one of engine nozzles failed at high speed, when the he tried to reject takeoff and applied brakes the nose gear failed and they ended up in the bushes off the runway.

Yei Airport, located at position N4.127386 E30.737818, offers a dirt runway of about 1300 meters/4200 feet length in approximate direction 10/28.

No weather data are available for Yei Airport.