REVEALED | Busiest Routes Around the Globe

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Where aviation is booming? Where world’s aviation hub is moving to? Right. Asia. Thus, no surprise that most of the busiest routes are also there. 

The new analysis released by the OAG, has revealed a number of busiest routes worldwide. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Busiest International Routes

TOP 20 busiest international routes worldwide. And guess what? 15 out of 20 are in Asia!

You have got it right. Therefore, the busiest international route is operated between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Hold your attention. It lasts just over an hour. Between March 2018 and February 2019 there were over 30,000 flights operated between this two cities by eight airlines flying the route with a total average of 82 flights per day.

1Kuala Lumpur - Singapore
2Hong Kong - Taipei
3Jakarta - Singapore
4Hong Kong - Shanghai
5Jakarta - Kuala Lumpur
6Incheon - Osaka
7New York - Toronto
8Hong Kong - Seoul
9Bangkok - Singapore
10Dubai - Kuwait City

Busiest Domestic Routes

Well, first of all, would you try to guess where this route is? Europe, Americas or, maybe, Africa? Of course, no. It is also in Asia. To be more precise, in South Korea. It is the 450km journey from Seoul’s Gimpo Airport to the island of Jeju off the coast of the Korean Peninsula.

The OAG revealed that nearly 80,000 flights are performed on this exotic route yearly. Seven carriers operate on Jeju-Seoul Gimpo route with 200 daily services.

1Jeju - Seoul
2Melbourne - Sydney
3Mumbai - New Delhi
4São Paulo - Rio de Janeiro
5Fukuoka - Tokyo
6Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City
7Sapporo - Tokyo
8Jakarta - Surabaya
9Los Angeles - San Francisco
10Jeddah - Riyadh

Source: OAG