RUAG Delivers First Overhauled ATR Landing Gear Shipset


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RUAG Aviation announces the successful delivery of an overhauled ATR landing gear shipset after 35 days.

This announcement marks a company first for RUAG Aviation. The competitive turnaround time is significantly faster than average and proves the company’s established competency in landing gear maintenance. This event secures the expansion of the RUAG Aviation service portfolio to include the ATR aircraft market.

RUAG Aviation has succeeded in expanding their component capabilities portfolio once again, now to include the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of ATR aircraft landing gear. This move serves to underscore the company’s strong commitment to the international civil aviation market and highlights RUAG Aviation’s emphasis on ensuring aircraft availability. Completed in 35 days, this latest delivery illustrates exactly why RUAG Aviation is well-known for quality, reliability and short turnaround (TAT) times.

The customer was closely involved in the project from the very beginning. Provided with regular and clear progress reports, a collaborative dialogue was created which served to further expedite the project. RUAG Aviation deems project transparency and customer orientation a priority.

“Component MRO represents one of the strategic pillars of our business so we continue to dedicate resources in support of the markets our customers operate in.  Currently, there are over 1200 ATR aircraft in operation, and that number is increasing steadily. Our customers expect us to provide full support for these fleets. This project provides us with excellent proof for showcasing our expertise in landing gear MRO and we are equally delighted with the outstanding feedback we have received,” states Volker Wallrodt, Senior Vice President Business Jets, Dornier 228 & Components, RUAG Aviation.

Martin Büsser, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, RUAG Aviation, adds, “RUAG Aviation has established strong international partnerships with an increasing number of companies within the regional airline community. We offer our partners a broad range of high-quality and reliable services such as maintenance, repair and overhaul, upgrades, modifications and aircraft painting. As a one-stop shop, RUAG Aviation is easily able to carry out all these services in the same downtime, saving our customers time and money.”

Source: RUAG Press Release