Rusline CRJ-200 Experiences Runway Excursion


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A Rusline Canadair CRJ-200, performing flight from Voronezh to Moscow Vnukovo (Russia), experienced runway excursion.

  • Aircraft was taxiing on the runway for departure from runway 12 at about 07:30L (04:30Z) when the aircraft skidded off the runway and came to a stop with the nose gear on soft ground, the main wheels still on the runway.
  • There were no injuries, the aircraft did not sustain any damage.
  • The airline reported the aircraft was taxiing on the runway when due to low friction coefficient the aircraft arbitrarily stopped without exceeding the runway limits.
  • The airport reported the aircraft was taxiing on the runway before takeoff but deviated from the taxi path and contacted a snow drift, the runway had been slippery due to freezing rain.
  • The runway is being treated with special agents several times a day, however, since the time of the last treatment until the time the aircraft was taxiing the runway had iced up again due to the freezing rain.