Ryanair Boeing 737-800 First Officer Incapacitated

Photo: jooinn.com

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A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, performing flight from London Stansted (UK) to Palermo (Italy) with 186 people on board, was on final approach to Palermo’s runway descending in turbulent weather conditions when the crew initiated a go around.

The captain subsequently reported the first officer had become ill, the captain decided to divert to Trapani located about 35nm southwest of Palermo.

The aircraft landed safely on Trapani’s runway about 35 minutes later. The first officer was taken to a local hospital.

Italian media report that the first officer hit his head, it is still unclear whether the first officer hit his head because of the turbulent approach.

The return flight FR-3919 needed to be postponed to the next morning, a replacement Boeing 737-800 registration EI-GJX reached Stansted with a delay of about 11 hours.

The occurrence aircraft remained in Trapani for 19.5 hours, then returned to service.

Source: avherald.com