Ryanair Is Under Investigation After Its “Jab and go” Ad

Photo: Ryanair

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Ryanair has recently posted a “jab and go” ad promoting air travel since “vaccines are coming,” which has coughed the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency’s eye and put the airline under investigation.


Once the formal investigation is finalized, ASA will update everyone on the findings.
The ad featuring a small bottle labeled “vaccine” and a syringe says: “Covid vaccines are coming, so book your Easter and summer holidays today with Ryanair.”

More than 1,600 complaints have been received claiming that it was misleading to suggest that governments would lift travel restrictions in the nearest future. The complainers also believe most of the global population will get their jabs within an unknown period, and it is unacceptable to underestimate the pandemic’s impact on society.

The airline responded to the wave of dissatisfaction: “Some critics wish to complain just for the sake of getting noticed when it is clear that vaccines will mean an end to Covid travel restrictions in mid-2021.” It also emphasized that the ad included a statement about the possibility of changing bookings without additional fees.

The aviation industry has suffered a lot due to the coronavirus pandemic, with airlines struggling to persuade customers to fly and overcome strict travel restrictions.