Ryanair Purchases a New Boeing 737 MAX Simulator

Ryanair Orders a New Boeing 737 MAX Simulator

Photo: MPS

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According to MPS, Ryanair has ordered an MPS Boeing 737 MAX FTD-2 to be delivered to its facility in Dublin, Ireland. This purchase is made after the airline placed an order for 75 additional Boeing MAXs. In total, the group has 210 aircraft on order.

Ryanair will use the Boeing 737 MAX FTD-2 for Type Rating and other training, in line with the EU’s ungrounding of the Boeing 737 MAX. CEO Michael O’Leary said that the simulator could be certified as soon as early April. The carrier would then accept delivery of 16 planes by the lucrative summer season.

„We share a common goal of achieving the highest level of safety possible and look forward to providing the support needed to make pilots comfortable in flying the MAX again, ” said MPS Chief Executive Officer Philip Adrian.

The newly ordered simulator is not the first one for Ryanair. The first Boeing 737 MAX simulator was taken in March 2019 and is placed in London’s Stansted Airport. In total, the airline plans to have five simulators for the Boeing 737 MAX and operates almost 20 in total. The carrier will have to train and retrain thousands of pilots in the upcoming years.

Source: MPS