Simulation Training Teams with SimCom on Paris Center


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Simulation Training is partnering with SimCom to establish a general and business aviation training center in Paris near Charles de Gaulle Airport. The training center, SimCom Aviation Training Europe (Sate), is scheduled to open in November and provide pilot training for turboprops and light midsize business jets. It will place a “special emphasis” on training for owner-pilots.

Training options for the owner-flown market and for the light and midsize jet markets are limited in Europe,” said Simulation Training president Denis Forestier. “Sate will focus on owner and corporate pilots by using SimCom’s model of providing tailored training in a small-class format.”

Sate will provide training using a combination of Level-2-qualified flight training devices (FTD) and in-aircraft training. “By using high-fidelity FTDs supplemented with in-aircraft training, Sate can deliver safe, practical training that maximizes learning objectives while minimizing expense,” the companies said.