Somali Authorities: Daallo Airlines A321 Explosion Caused by Bomb


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Somali authorities say the Feb. 2 onboard explosion of a Djibouti-based Daallo Airlines Airbus A321-100, en route from Mogadishu to Djibouti, was caused by a bomb.

“We have confirmed that it was a bomb. It was meant to kill all aboard,” Somali Minister for Transport and Aviation Ali Ahmed Jamac said during a news conference, according to several agency reports.

The A321 experienced an onboard explosion 15 minutes after takeoff and returned to Mogadishu airport. The aircraft was carrying 74 passengers and seven crew. One passenger died; authorities believe that the body – found 30 kilometers (18 miles) north of Mogadishu – was that of a terrorist.

Two other passengers were injured.

The incident is being investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority in Mogadishu as well as a technical team of aircraft owner Hermes Airlines, in close coordination with Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority and Airbus.