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E-training center Scandlearn has launched its new training experience in a winning collaboration with virtual simulator, Virtual eTraining Software AB (Virtual eTraining), to bring a different kind of virtual-reality training to the aviation market. Introducing S360 to make distance learning both fun and affordable.

Together they bring the best to the learning table with Scandlearn’s extensive e-training and aviation expertise and Virtual eTraining’s vast virtual simulation experience. Scandlearn has packaged the product like no other training provider has done.

S360 is a three-way solution that is available at way below market rate to suit all purposes and budgets. There is literally something for everyone; ranging from ready-to-go virtual courses for time-strapped individuals to group training to be done on a customized virtual environment of choice.
With S360 there are many benefits for both the users and the company. Aside from the significant cost and time savings that S360 provides, virtual learning is also much more engaging, as users are literally immersed into their own training. Like a positive domino effect this makes it more likely for the users to remember what they have learnt, which ultimately leads to better real-life action.

Bertil Tensing, CEO and co-founder of Scandlearn, emphasizes:

“Virtual learning is a big leap from traditional e-training, because it seems so real it acts as a true complement to classroom/simulator training and reduces time spent on such training. Our low cost price tag means money well spent for a complete training package.”

A lucky few customers tested S360 virtual training and Charlotte Eriksson, Chief Cabin Instructor from TUIfly Nordic, describes it as a perfect way to get close to reality before learners go out for real, so they can literally see what to expect, the virtual aspect provides “an easier way to understand how it works.” Charlotte advised that S360 works for them because it allows the user to practice thoroughly and its flexibility enables the company to adapt the virtual environment to whatever topic/setting they need.

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Source: Scandlearn press release