Structural Changes at Rolls-Royce: Cut of at Least 9,000 Jobs

Photo: Rolls-Royce

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Rolls-Royce announced about some structural changes necessary to adjust business operations to the current situation, as demand from customers reduces significantly for our civil aerospace engines and aftermarket services.

Among the most harsh measures would be cut of at least 9,000 jobs out of global workforce of 52,000. The company will also cut expenditure across plant and property, capital and other indirect cost areas.

However, Rolls-Royce has not specify the impact of the proposed reorganisation on specific sites, or countries, at this stage, as it is still holding consultations.

“Our airline customers and airframe partners are having to adapt and so must we. (…) We must respond to market conditions for the medium-term until the world of aviation is flying again at scale, and governments cannot replace sustainable customer demand that is simply not there,” said  Warren East, CEO of Rolls-Royce.