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Avior Airlines Boeing 737 Overruns Runway on Landing

Reading Time: 1 minute An Avior Airlines Boeing 737-200, performing flight from Caracas (Venezuela) to Manaus (Brazil), overran runway on landing. Aircraft landed on Manaus’ runway 29 but overran the end of the runway and came to a stop past the end of the runway end safety area with all gear on soft ground. There were no injuries.

Avior Airlines Joins EU Blacklist in Latest Update

Reading Time: 2 minutes Venezuelan carrier Avior Airlines has been added to the list of airlines that are banned from the European Union (EU) in the latest update of the EU Air Safety List, which is more commonly known as the EU blacklist. Revealing the changes on Nov. 30, the European Commission said Avior Airlines has been blacklisted because […]

Avior Airlines Boeing 737 Engine Shuts Down In Flight

Reading Time: 1 minute An Avior Airlines Boeing 737-200, registration YV2937 performing flight 9V-1260 from Barcelona (Venezuela) to Guayaquil (Ecuador) with 81 passengers and 6 crew, was enroute at FL310 near Manta (Ecuador) when the right hand engine (JT8D) emitted several loud bangs causing the passenger oxygen masks to be released and prompting the crew to shut the engine […]