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American Airlines Boeing 777 Reports Electrical Problem

Reading Time: < 1 minute An American Airlines Boeing 777-200, performing flight from Raleigh/Durham (USA) to London Heathrow (UK), reported electrical problem. Aircraft was enroute about 80nm southeast of Boston (USA) when the crew requested to divert to New York’s JFK Airport reporting an electrical backup system had failed disallowing them to continue into Oceanic Airspace, no assistance was needed. The […]

LATAM Boeing 767 Experiences Electrical Problems

Reading Time: < 1 minute A LATAM Boeing 767-300, performing flight from Sao Paulo Guarulhos (Brazil) to Milan Malpensa (Italy), was enroute at FL360 when the aircraft descended to FL300, however, maintaining heading towards Milan. About 175nm northeast of Las Palmas the crew turned the aircraft around reporting electrical problems and diverted to Las Palmas, where the aircraft landed safely about […]