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Delta Air Lines MD-90 Reports Engine Vibrations

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Delta Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-90, performing flight from Milwaukee to Atlanta (USA) with 164 people on board, reported lightning strike causing engine vibrations. Aircraft was enroute at FL250 about 25nm westnorthwest of Chattanooga (USA) when the aircraft reached a frontal weather system and received a lightning strike. The left hand engine (V2525) began to […]

Indigo A320 Reports Engine Vibrations

Reading Time: < 1 minute An Indigo Airbus A320-200N, performing flight from Lucknow to Jaipur (India), reported engine vibrations. Aircraft was climbing out of Lucknow when the crew stopped the climb at FL120 reporting high vibrations on the #2 engine (PW1127, right hand) and decided to return to Lucknow for a safe landing about 35 minutes after departure. A replacement A320-200N, […]

Air New Zealand Boeing 787 Engine Shuts Down in Flight

Reading Time: < 1 minute Air New Zealand Boeing 787, performing flight from Auckland to Tokyo Narita with 268 passengers and 14 crew, was climbing out of Auckland when the crew stopped the climb due to engine vibrations and abnormal engine sounds. The crew shut the engine down and returned to Auckland for a safe landing on runway 23L about […]