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British Airways Pushes New Technology In Aviation First

Reading Time: 2 minutes British Airways has become the first airline worldwide to introduce high-tech remote controlled devices to push back aircraft across its short-haul operation. The airline is modernising its operation to maintain and further improve punctuality for its customers. In partnership with Heathrow, the eco-friendly Mototok tugs will allow British Airways staff to prepare aircraft for departure […]

Supersonic X-plane Takes Next Step

Reading Time: 3 minutes NASA has issued a draft request for proposals for development of its Quiet Supersonic Transport (QueSST) low-boom flight demonstrator, starting the clock ticking toward first flight of the new X-plane in early 2021. The program calls for the development, building and flight testing of a clean-sheet X-plane that will be used to support the potential […]

The 6th China Aviation Industry Summit 2016

China Aviation Industry Summit 2016, which is the only event held in Asia Pacific focusing on the development of global aviation development and the high-technology applied in the aircraft. The event will be held by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, Shanghai Aircraft Planning and Research Institute, Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Company, China Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute, […]