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A4A And IATA Launch Global Baggage Tracking Campaign

Reading Time: 2 minutes A year-long campaign has been launched by Airlines for America (A4A) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) with a view to increasing baggage handling operations and reducing the number of mishandled bags. Approximately 4 billion bags are carried by airlines on an annual global basis, with 0.43 percent failing to arrive with their owners. […]

2016 Flight Cancellation, Lost Baggage, Bumping Rates Lowest in Years

Reading Time: 4 minutes In 2016, the reporting carriers canceled 1.17 percent of their scheduled domestic flights, an improvement over the 1.5 percent cancellation rate in 2015 and the lowest in the 22 years with comparable numbers, according to the Air Travel Consumer Report (ATCR). The previous low was 1.24 percent in 2002. The reporting carriers canceled 1.6 percent […]