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Southwest Boeing 737 Engine Shuts Down In Flight Near Nashville

Reading Time: < 1 minute Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 performing flight from Philadelphia to Nashville was enroute about to begin the descent into Nashville when an engine emitted a loud bang, streaks of flames and sparks prompting the crew to shut the engine down. Descending towards Nashville the controllers asked whether they were a divert, the crew advised Nashville was […]

Plane Returns To LAX After Blowing Tire On Takeoff

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Southwest Airlines flight bound for Nashville returned to Los Angeles International Airport after blowing a tire Monday evening on takeoff. Flight 2634 with 147 people aboard returned to the airport shortly after takeoff and leaked a significant amount of hydraulic fluid on landing, the Los Angeles County Fire Department said. No one aboard the […]

Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Cover Falls Off

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Delta flight from Atlanta to Chicago made an emergency landing at the Nashville International Airport following an engine-related issue, an airline spokesman said. Flight 765, carrying 109 passengers and a crew, landed in Nashville after one of the Boeing 717’s two engine’s outermost covering, or cowling, fell off on the aircraft’s starboard side during […]

Donald Trump’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing

Reading Time: < 1 minute Private 757 reports engine trouble before landing safely in Nashville en route to Little Rock, Arkansas. Donald Trump’s plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Nashville, Tennessee, on Wednesday because of engine trouble. The Boeing 757 was on its way from Mr Trump’s home base of New York to Little Rock, Arkansas, where […]