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Ryanair UK Pilots Vote to Accept Pay Increases of up to 20%

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ryanair confirmed that all 15 of its UK pilot bases – including London Stansted which had previously rejected an improved pay deal – have now voted in secret ballot to accept pay increases of up to 20% and these increases will be paid next week in the January payroll. These increases bring Ryanair’s pilot pay […]

ASG: € 35 M Investment In Substitute Pilots To Prevent € 100 M Losses

Reading Time: 4 minutes In 2016 Lufthansa reported that a single six-day-long pilot strike cost the airline €100 million ($118 million). It was the 15th time in two years when pilots at the Lufthansa group’s namesake airline had walked out in a lengthy battle led by the local union. And legacy carriers are far from the only ones suffering […]

Compass Airlines Rolls Out $17,500 First Officer Signing Bonus

Reading Time: < 1 minute Compass Airlines First Officers can now earn up to $58,500 during their first year with the airline, thanks to a new $17,500 signing bonus. The $17,500 bonus will be paid in three increments over a pilot’s first year of service.  The new signing bonus is in addition to a recent pay hike for First Officers, […]

Cathay Pacific Urges Pilots Pay Freeze After Poor 1H Results

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cathay Pacific is looking to cut staff costs by 10% following a poor first half performance, and is asking pilots to accept a pay freeze, reports the South China Morning Post. The news site has seen an internal memo which shows of 2016’s staff costs of HKD19.7 billion (USD2.5 billion), half was attributable to pilots […]

Compass Airlines Raises First Year Pilot Pay To $41.00 Per Flight Hour

Reading Time: < 1 minute First year, First Officer pay at Compass Airlines will soon be the highest in the regional airline industry. Compass is pleased to announce that effective October 1, 2017, its first year, First Officer pay will increase to $41.00 per flight hour. Additionally, First Officers at all pay steps will receive an increase. “The nationwide pilot […]

Thomas Cook Pilots Plan To Take Strike Action In Pay Dispute

Reading Time: < 1 minute The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) has authorised a strike in Thomas Cook Airlines following a ballot in which 91% of pilots voted to take action in a dispute over their 2017 pay negotiations. The turnout in the ballot was 88%. The dispute follows nearly eight months of negotiations over a pay rise that was […]

EasyJet Announces Largest Ever Pilot Recruitment Drive

Reading Time: 2 minutes easyJet has announced that it will be launching a recruitment campaign called “For the love of Flying” to attract up to 450 new pilots at the beginning of June. This will be the largest recruitment drive in the airline’s history – an increase on the record 426 recruited last year. Opportunities range from cadet pilots […]

Emirates Discloses Pilot Staff Salaries

Reading Time: < 1 minute Emirates airlines has disclosed pilot compensation ahead of a recruitment drive to be held in South Africa, Bahrain and Singapore this month. According to the airline, captains of A380 and B777 are offered a total monthly tax-free salary of $16,013. This includes $11,633 a month basic salary plus average flying pay, and $4,380 a month […]