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How ROI Turns Into Lost Profit for Aircraft Investors

Reading Time: 4 minutes 2019 kicked off with a $1bn investment of a US private equity giant KKR into the passenger and freight aircraft leasing business. The deal reflects the ever-growing interest of investment entities towards commercial aviation which is expected to generate $35.5bn of profits for aircraft lessees, the airlines, alone. But with an almost decade-long queue for […]

What Should Lessors Realize To Gain 20% ROI From Mid-Age Aircraft?

Reading Time: 4 minutes The civil aviation market is expected to grow by 5% annually, creating the demand for around 40,000 aircraft in the next two decades, according to estimates of both Airbus and Boeing. This provides plenty of opportunities for lessors, but the aircraft leasing market is a highly competitive field, and high returns are not always possible. […]