Airlines And Airports To Invest $33bn In IT In 2017

Reading Time: 3 minutes Airlines and airports are estimated to spend nearly US$33 billion on IT this year, according to the SITA 2017 Air Transport IT Trends Insights. And they are focusing their technology investments on similar priorities. Top of the agenda for CIOs at both airlines and airports, are investments in cyber security and cloud services. In addition, […]

SITA Report Confirms Ryanair Is Europe No 1 Airline For Baggage

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ryanair welcomed SITA’s independent baggage report which confirmed Ryanair’s outstanding baggage performance, mishandling far fewer bags than any other airline. The 2015 SITA Baggage Report showed a worldwide average of 6.5 mishandled bags per 1,000 customers, while in Europe, the average figure was even higher at 7.8 mishandled bags per 1,000. Other European airlines 14 […]

Baggage Mishandling Rate Cut by 61 Percent

Reading Time: < 1 minute There were 7.3 bags reported as delayed, damaged or stolen per 1,000 airline passengers in 2014, according to the 2015 SITA report, a company that tracks baggage performance in aviation each year.  That’s a 61 percent decrease in mishandling since 2007.  Of those mishandled bags, 49 percent were mishandled during transfer, 15 percent were caused by a bag switch or ticketing error and another 15 percent was due to […]