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Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 Hits a Bird Flock

Reading Time: < 1 minute A THY Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration TC-JJM performing flight TK-2313 from Izmir to Istanbul (Turkey), was on approach to Istanbul’s runway 34L when the aircraft flew through a flock of birds and received multiple bird impacts on the left hand side. The aircraft continued for a safe landing and taxied to the apron. A […]

BAA Training to Train Turkish Airlines Pilots

Reading Time: 2 minutes Turkish Airlines, one of the top airlines in the world, has signed a contract with BAA Training for a Cadet training program. One of the TOP 3 biggest independent aviation training centers in Europe, BAA Training, is proud to announce that it will deliver training to almost 300 cadets for the airline in 3.5 years. […]

Turkish Airlines’ “The Great Move” Largely Concluded

Reading Time: 2 minutes With the “Great Move” representing one of the most significant cornerstones of the Turkish Aviation history, Turkish Airlines nearly concluded its gradual move to Istanbul Airport that started following the official opening back on October 29. Starting on April 5 Friday at 03:00, the final moving operation is at 96 percent completion, 12 hours earlier […]

Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 Experiences Runway Excursion

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800, performing flight from Lviv (Ukraine) to Istanbul (Turkey) with 59 passengers and 6 crew, experienced runway excursion during backtrack. Aircraft was backtracking runway 31 for departure when the aircraft veered left off the runway just ahead of turn loop taxiway 8 (which was closed however. The passengers disembarked via mobile stairs […]

Airbus A330 Accelerates with an Open Cockpit Window?

Reading Time: < 1 minute A THY Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300, performing flight from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Istanbul (Turkey), rejected takeoff due to open cockpit window. Aircraft was accelerating for takeoff from Johannesburg’s runway 21R when the crew rejected takeoff at high speed (about 130 knots over ground) due to an open cockpit window. The aircraft slowed safely, the crew […]

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THY Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 Experiences Bird Strike

Reading Time: < 1 minute A THY Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX, performing flight from Istanbul (Turkey) to Accra (Ghana), experienced bird strike. Aircraft was in the initial climb out of Istanbul Ataturk’s runway 05 when the aircraft received a bird strike prompting the crew to stop the climb at 9000 feet. Crew decided to return to Istanbul for a […]

Turkish Airlines Placed an Order for Additional 777 Jets

Reading Time: < 1 minute Boeing and Turkish Airlines announced an order for three 777 Freighters as the flag carrier of Turkey continues to soar on record financial results and double-digit passenger and cargo growth. The order adds more of the long-range freighter to Turkish’s fleet as the airline pursues its goal of becoming the world’s largest cargo carrier. Based on […]

Turkish Cargo Partners With ZTO Express and PAL Air

Reading Time: < 1 minute Turkish Cargo, the cargo division of Turkish Airlines, has inked a partnership agreement with ZTO and Pal Air. As per the agreement, a new joint venture will be established in Hong Kong will provide a range of logistic services. This will include door to door logistics activities; trucking, collection & distribution, freight transportation, cross-docking and […]

Tail Strike Indication on Departure in Istanbul

Reading Time: < 1 minute Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-900,  performing flight from Istanbul  to Niamey , departed Istanbul’s runway 35R, the crew however received a tail strike indication, stopped the climb at 7000 feet, burned off fuel and returned to Istanbul for a safe landing on runway 35R about 2:40 hours after departure. The aircraft is being examined, a replacement […]

Turkish Airlines Finalises Airbus and Boeing Orders

Reading Time: < 1 minute Turkish Airlines has revealed that it has decided to purchase 60 wide-body aircraft comprising of 50 firm and 10 optional aeroplanes. With the first six set to be delivered in 2019, the airline will continue to receive aircraft every year all the way up to 2024. Of the total, 30 B787-9 aircraft, 25 firm and […]