UK Cabin Crew Trainer Turns To Virtual Reality

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UK-based cabin trainer manufacturer EDM has introduced virtual reality (VR) headsets in cabin crew training to meet an increasing demand from airlines for the modern technology. The headsets will be used in conjunction with EDM’s existing fuselage mock-ups.

EDM’s product range also includes replicas of aircraft doors to instruct flight attendants on how to open them in emergencies, as well as in normal operational usage.

EDM added the new VR simulators will enable cabin crew members to learn safety and emergency procedures in a highly realistic and immersive VR environment. The company’s initial products include a virtual slide trainer developed in collaboration with Immersive Display Solutions and a virtual door trainer.

VR training has been proven to increase information retention and recall while simplifying complex training scenarios, EDM said.

The technique is suitable for different learning styles and abilities, offering a way to learn safety and emergency procedures that allowed for higher levels of engagement and understanding, it added.