US Government Plans to Invest $25 billion into Airport Infrastructure

US Government Plans to Invest $25 billion into Airport Infrastructure


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US President Joseph Biden has introduced a new American Jobs Plan containing $25 billion in funding to support and develop its airport infrastructure.

The provisional huge $25 billion airport investment is a part of a broader scheme under which $2.3 trillion would be divided between investing in public transport, removing lead piping, cleaning port pollution, repairing bridges, etc. Biden and the Democrats say they hope to get the plan approved by summer.

Airports Council International-North America (ACI North America) President and CEO Kevin Burke is confident that the aid would help the sector “taxi towards brighter days.”

“We are encouraged the president and his administration are following through on his campaign pledge to improve infrastructure funding for airports. This plan would help the industry continue to focus on safe and efficient air travel by supporting terminal renovations and multimodal connections that would provide affordable access for passengers and workers,” says Kevin.

This announcement is another piece of good news for the American aviation industry. Last month, the US made a statement about an $8 billion support fund for the aviation sector under the CARES Act.