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Chapecoense Crash: Operated Without Mandatory Fuel Reserves

Colombia’s Civil Aviation Authority has officially confirmed that the Bolivian BAe Avro RJ85 operated by Lamia crashed near Medellin with empty fuel tanks. During a press conference held on 30 November, Aerocivil’s Secretary of Aviation Safety Freddy Bonilla assures that “the aircraft did not operate with the mandatory fuel reserves mandated by international regulations”. He […]

UPDATED: Plane with 72 Onboard Crashes in Colombia

An aircraft with 81 people aboard, including a Brazilian football team, crashed in central Colombia, and rescuers are moving survivors from the site, the country’s civil aviation association said on Tuesday. “Six people were rescued alive, but unfortunately one died. The rest of the occupants unfortunately died. The tragic toll is 76 victims,” Jose Gerardo […]

Three Heathrow Flights in Three Days Brush with Drones

UK investigators have disclosed details of three more encounters, within three days, between commercial aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles in London terminal airspace, including two in the highest collision risk category. The UK Airprox Board states that an Airbus A320-family aircraft had been descending on its base leg over central London ahead of an approach […]

Tech Support Team Working on Solution to Deal with Drone Threats

The threat perception is real. Late in 2015, the Intelligence Bureau issued alerts of drone attacks in Delhi. Last month, Mumbai airport was put on alert after a pilot spotted an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also called drone. But agencies in India don’t have a concrete solution. Unlike shooting down an enemy fighter aircraft on […]

Dreamliner Lands Safely After Smoke in Cockpit

An Air India aircraft flying from Kolkata to Delhi on Sunday witnessed a serious scare when the pilots reported fumes and smoke in the cockpit of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. They immediately switched off some non-essential electrical equipment in the cockpit and then managed to make a safe precautionary landing at the Indira Gandhi International […]

Tigerair A320 Makes Macau U-Turn Due to Engine Fault

A Tigerair Airbus A320 had to return back to Macau on 8 November, following an engine problem. In a statement, the Singapore Airlines low-cost unit, says that flight TR2905, operated by the aircraft registered 9V-TAS (MSN 4493), had departed Macau for Singapore at 19:01 local time. Tigerair adds that the engine issue had “also affected […]

F-35 Fighter Bursts Into Flames During Mid-Air Training Flight

The United States military is investigating a fire that erupted during a mid-air training flight of one of its latest generation fighter jets. The Marine Corps is trying to figure out what caused the fire to ignite on an F-35B Joint Strike Fighter aircraft that took off from a base in Beaufort, South Carolina, last […]

American Airlines and FedEx Planes Caught by Fire

The beginning of the last Friday of October has matched with two planes catching fire in the United States. Sheer panic erupted on an American Airlines flight after part of the Boeing 767 went up in flames during takeoff at O’Hare (Chicago) on Friday. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, American Airlines Flight 383 was […]

Drone Halts Traffic at Dubai Airport, Third Incident in Five Months

A drone forced Dubai international airport, one of the world’s busiest, to halt air traffic for an hour and a half Saturday evening, the third such incident in less than five months. Air space around the airport was closed from 7:25 pm to 8:49 pm (1525-1649 GMT) “due to unauthorised drone activity resulting in flight […]

Crew and Passengers Hospitalized after British Airways Emergency Landing

According to Laura Kohli, a spokeswoman for for Vancouver Coastal Health hospitals, 25 passengers and crew members were taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. Depending on early reports, the plane was flying from San Francisco to London when it was diverted to Vancouver. Fortunately, it made an emergency landing safely in Vancouver.