Yakutia Airlines Boeing 737 Rejected Take-off After Tailstrike

Photo: Dmitry Batov

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A Yakutia Airlines Boeing 737-800, performing flight from Neryungri to Krasnojarsk (Russia) with 119 passengers and 6 crew, rejected take-off after tailstrike.

  • Aircraft was accelerating for take-off from Neryungri’s runway 26 when the crew rejected take-off at low speed (about 60 knots over ground) after the tail of the aircraft contacted the runway surface.
  • The aircraft slowed without further incident and returned to the apron. There were no injuries, the damage is being assessed.
  • The airline reported the crew rejected take-off in the early stages of the take-off due to an incorrect take-off configuration which did not permit the continuation of take-off.

Source: avherald.com