Aeronauts Civil Aviation School

Founded by crew members with thousands of flight hours and more than a decade in the education and training of Pilots and Commissioners at Varig and other large airlines, AERONAUTAS is a Civil Aviation Education Institution, homologated by ANAC committed to the quality of teaching, aiming for greater success of students in passing the examination of the National Civil Aviation Agency and qualifying them for the selective processes of airlines. It offers courses with exclusive teaching materials of excellent quality, seeking to train professionals who are capable, committed and able to work in the aviation field. The faculty is formed by updated and trained instructors, inserted in the civil and military aviation system with wide experience to guarantee the high standard of learning in the area, using theory and practice. They are experts in the areas of health, humanities, air rescue and training of crew members in airlines in Brazil and abroad. Its mission is to train highly qualified professionals through discipline, efficiency and competence seeking to exceed the expectations in the area of ​​Brazilian civil aviation. The school is well located and easily accessible, in a pleasant environment and with the intention of serving you with sympathy, education, respect, competence and discipline. Our large structure has air-conditioned rooms with state-of-the-art projectors, wi-fi network and differentiated service in a safe environment monitored by surveillance cameras with remote access.          

Ab Initio Training Cadet Programmes Bachelor's Degree Type Rating Training Cabin Crew Training Ground Handling Training Helicopter Training UAV/UAS Training

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