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Goose Clinches the Nose of the American Airlines A319

An American Airlines Airbus A319-100, performing flight from Mexico City to Miami, was on approach to Miami when a goose obviously attempted to hold up the aircraft and clinched the nose of the aircraft, nonetheless the aircraft continued for a safe landing. The goose turned out to be the only victim. The aircraft remained on […]

United Cancelled Two Flights to New Delhi Due to Smog

United Airlines cancelled two Newark-Delhi Int’l flights after heavy smog had covered the Indian capital. The temporal suspension has been implemented on November 10 according to the carrier’s announcement. It was originally scheduled to last at least until November 13, but eventually, only flights departing Newark on November 10 and November 11 were cancelled, according […]

Khabarovsk Airlines Let L-410 Crash Kills Eight, Child Survives

A small passenger plane has crashed in the Russian Far East, killing up to 8 people on board, according to local police. One child has survived the crash. According to the latest reports, eight people are thought to have been killed, including two crew members. A three-year-old girl is the sole survivor of a plane […]

Flybe de Havilland Dash 8 Lands Without Nose Gear

Flybe de Havilland Dash 8-400, performing flight from Belfast City to Inverness, with 53 passengers and 4 crew, was climbing out Belfast City Airport when the crew stopped the climb at 4000 feet reporting problems with their gear. The aircraft entered a hold while the crew was troubleshooting the problem, but was unable to resolve […]

Saudia Cargo Airlines Suffered Runway Excursion on Takeoff

MyCargo Airlines Boeing 747-400 freighter on behalf of Saudia Cargo Airlines, performing freight flight from Maastricht to Jeddah, was accelerating for takeoff when the crew rejected takeoff at low speed and deployed the thrust reversers. The aircraft veered right off the runway and came to a stop with all gear on soft ground to the […]

Engine Failure Takes Out Two Engines of SA Airlink RJ85

SA Airlink Avro RJ-85, performing flight from Harare to Johannesburg with 34 passengers and 4 crew, was enroute nearing the top of descent towards Johannesburg when the #2 engine suffered an uncontained failure ejecting parts of the hot section and turbine towards the #1 engine causing the engine to fail, too. The aircraft continued to […]

Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 Engine Catches Fire on Roll Out

Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330 was performing positioning flight from Everett to Seattle when during roll out streaks of flame became visible from the left hand engine. Tower immediately dispatched emergency services, couple of seconds later the crew called tower, tower instantly reported emergency services are already on their way and advised there was fire visible […]

Transavia Boeing 737 Both Autopilots Fail Near Prague

A Transavia Boeing 737-700 performing flight from Eindhoven to Tel Aviv was near Prague, when the crew decided to return after both autopilots had failed and the aircraft thus had lost its capability to operate in reduced vertical separation minima. The aircraft descended to FL360 for the return and diverted to Amsterdam (Netherlands) for a […]

Saudi Prince Killed in Helicopter Crash near Yemen Border

A helicopter carrying several Saudi officials, including a high-ranking prince, has crashed in the kingdom’s southwest near the border with Yemen. Local newspaper Okaz reported the helicopter carrying Prince Mansour bin Muqrin Al Saud, deputy governor of Asir province,  went down while the officials were taking a tour of an area near the coast in […]

JetBlue A320 Suffers a Bird Strike in Salt Lake City

JetBlue Airbus A320 performing flight from Salt Lake City to Long Beach was in the initial climb about to be handed off to departure when the crew reported they had received a bird hit pretty much in the nose area. They thought they were okay and would continue. They were already climbing past the runway end […]