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2016 Worst for CIS-Wide Flight Safety in 25 Years

The year 2016 was marked by the record-high number of aviation accidents in the past 25 years across the 12 CIS states which are party to the Civil Aviation and Airspace Use Treaty. The statistics are contained in a report issued by the Interstate Aviation Committee (CIS), which oversees the use and management of civil […]

Paris Orly Airport Evacuated After Shooting

A man has been shot dead after attempting to seize a gun from a soldier at Paris Orly airport, sparking an evacuation and severe flight disruption. UPDATED: A police source says the man shot dead after stealing a soldier’s gun at Paris Orly Airport was a “radicalised Muslim” known to security services. The suspect is […]

Headphones Explode Inflight

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) issued a passenger warning notice today related to a recent incident on board involving a battery explosion. On a flight between Beijing and Melbourne, a woman was wearing noise-canceling headphones while sleeping. After two hours of flight, she woke up in pain. “As I went to turn around I […]

Turkey Urges Open Skies Deal with Russia

Turkey is proposing a liberalization of bilateral air services with Russia, the country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced at the sixth meeting of the High-Level Cooperation Council. “[It’s necessary] to increase the flight frequencies between our two countries and make [the bilateral market] unrestricted, completely unlimited,” states Erdogan. The curently effective memorandum outlining the prospects of […]

Northeast U.S. Storms See 400,000 Travelers’ Flights Canceled

A late winter storm has caused havoc in New York City and other areas of the Northeast U.S. with strong winds and sleet battering airports. The National Weather Service (NWS) warned of winds between 25mph and 35mph, with gusts reaching up to 55mph. As of 7.30 ET, FlightAware had released information that 7,746 flights had […]

Regional Cargo Airlines Pressured by US Pilot Shortage

US regional air cargo carriers are likewise feeling pinched by a shortage of qualified cockpit crew – another signal that a pilot shortage is gripping industry sectors that serve as entry points for the nation’s professional pilots. Executives in the regional air cargo industry, like their counterparts in the regional passenger airline business, say the […]

Russian Airlines Will Need 2,000 New Aircraft by 2035

Russian airlines will require from 1,700 to 2,000 new passenger aircraft through 2035. More than a half of this number, from 1,100 to 1,300 units will be mainline airliners, Russia’s vice-minister for transport, Valeriy Okulov forecasted. The government hopes to meet with demand with locally made commercial aircraft. “The average annual acquisitions rate stands at […]

U.S. Regional Airlines See A Pilot Shortage – Pilot See A Scapegoat

Regional airlines continue to blame a shortage of pilots for cutbacks in service to smaller airports, while the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) says those routes aren’t being flown because they’re uneconomical. SkyWest President and CEO Chip Childs told the House Transportation Aviation Subcommittee that he estimates a shortfall of 15,000 pilots by 2026, and […]

Women Challenging Stereotypes within Aviation

How often do you encounter women engaged in the work of an airline, aircraft maintenance or manufacturing company? Do you feel surprised when a female pilot steps out from the cockpit of the plane you travelled with? Although statistics reveal that only a small percentage of women take their place within aviation, currently the answer […]

China Issues Travel Warning to South Korea

Chinese carriers may adjust capacity on routes to South Korea following a warning by the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) cautioning Chinese citizens to be careful when traveling to South Korea. According to CNTA, an increasing number of Chinese tourists are being denied entry into South Korea and face long wait times before being deported […]