Aeropole Flight Training

We at Aeropole are passionate about providing you with excellent flight training. Our aim is to be the number one flight school in Europe in terms of quality and safety. Our promise to you is to provide superior quality in customer service, training, equipment and personnel.

Our services comprise complete training packages, from ab-initio to a private pilot or the full professional pilot package. We also provide modular courses targeted to your needs. You can choose a turnkey solution or pick your training packages by hand. Ask for our help to choose the modules or inquire for fully tailored service to complete your training needs. In addition, we’re happy to offer our aircraft for rental after your training or help you to acquire your own.


Ab Initio Training Cadet Programmes Bachelor's Degree Type Rating Training Cabin Crew Training Ground Handling Training Helicopter Training UAV/UAS Training

Private 10 planes 7 aerodromes
20 instructors 1 FFS 50 students

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