East African Civil Aviation Academy

East African Aviation is the most advanced private flight school in the country. By joining our civil aviation authorities approved training program, you can learn to fly for a fixed-price, in a predictable time. With our full-motion flight simulators and technically advanced aeroplanes, East African Aviation’s full-time programs save you time and money on your quest to become a pilot. Having well experienced instructors is essential to your training. Experience teaches you the 'what if' scenarios. It’s one thing to fly an aircraft; it’s another thing to fly an aircraft when unforeseen circumstances occur. That is why we take pride in our experienced instructors; so that they can teach you to not only fly an airplane, but to fly it, safely and efficiently. It takes dedication. Our proficiency-based curriculum means you’ll advance quickly as you meet clear standards. You’ll be well prepared for each flight in the aeroplane, having practiced ahead of time in our simulators.

Ab Initio Training Cadet Programmes Bachelor's Degree Type Rating Training Cabin Crew Training Ground Handling Training Helicopter Training UAV/UAS Training

Private 2 planes 1 aerodromes

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