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Hawaiian Boeing 717 Rejects Take-Off Due to Engine Failure

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717-200, registration N478HA performing flight HA-144 from Lihue, HI to Honolulu, HI (USA), was accelerating for takeoff when the crew rejected take-off at high speed (about 90 knots over ground) due to an engine (BR715) failure. The aircraft slowed safely and returned to the apron. Passengers reported there was a loud […]

Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Cover Falls Off

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Delta flight from Atlanta to Chicago made an emergency landing at the Nashville International Airport following an engine-related issue, an airline spokesman said. Flight 765, carrying 109 passengers and a crew, landed in Nashville after one of the Boeing 717’s two engine’s outermost covering, or cowling, fell off on the aircraft’s starboard side during […]