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Boeing 787 Runway Incursion Forces Airbus A350 to Reject Take-off

Reading Time: < 1 minute A JAL Japan Airlines Boeing 787-900, performing flight from Tokyo Narita (Japan) to Shanghai Pudong (China), runway incursion forced rejected take-off for Airbus A350. Aircraft had landed on Shanghai’s runway 34R, vacated the runway to the left at the last turn off and crossed runway 34L just before the runway end. A Delta Airlines Airbus A350-900, […]

KLM Boeing 787-900
KLM Boeing 787-900 Experiences Hydraulic Fault

Reading Time: < 1 minute A KLM Boeing 787-900, performing flight from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Houston Intercontinental (USA), was enroute about 80nm west of Donegal (Ireland) when the crew decided to return to Amsterdam reporting a minor technical problem. The aircraft descended for the way back and landed safely on Amsterdam’s runway about 90 minutes after the decision to return […]

Air France Boeing 787 Experiences Air Conditioning Problem

Reading Time: < 1 minute An Air France Boeing 787-900, performing flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle (France) to Bogota (Colombia), was climbing out of Paris when the crew stopped the climb. The climb was stopped due to a problem with the air conditioning and decided to return to Paris for a safe landing on Charles de Gaulle’s runway about […]