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Turbulence Injures Three on Mesa Airlines CRJ-900 Flight

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Mesa Airlines Canadair CRJ-900 on behalf of American Airlines, performing flight from San Luis Potosi (Mexico) to Dallas Ft. Worth (USA) with 75 passengers and 4 crew, encountered turbulence, three people injured. Aircraft was still descending towards Dallas Ft. Worth when the crew decided to divert to Austin (USA) due to weather conditions and […]

Lufthansa Cityline CRJ-900 Experiences Light Smoke on Board

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Lufthansa Cityline Canadair CRJ-900, performing flight from Brussels (Belgium) to Frankfurt/Main (Germany) with 73 people on board, was descending towards Frankfurt when the crew reported light smoke on board. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Frankfurt’s runway 05C about 15 minutes later. The airline reported after takeoff from Brussels the crew noticed […]

LOT Polish Airlines Canadair CRJ-900 Brakes Overheat on Departure

Reading Time: < 1 minute A LOT Polish Airlines Canadair CRJ-900, performing flight from Riga (Latvia) to Warsaw (Poland), was climbing out of Riga’s runway when the crew stopped the climb and decided to return to Riga reporting they had a right hand brakes overheat indication. On final approach, in contact with tower, the crew advised they would use just […]

Cityjet CRJ-900 Skids and Spins Counterclockwise By 180 Degrees

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cityjet Canadair CRJ-900, on behalf of SAS Scandinavian Airlines, performing flight from Stockholm to Turku landed on Turku’s snow covered runway, but skidded and spun counterclockwise around by 180 degrees before coming to a stop on the runway near the end of the runway. The crew declared emergency, emergency services responded and checked the aircraft. […]