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Commercial Drones – A New Page In The World Of Labour

Reading Time: 6 minutes The rapidly globalizing world is dramatically accelerating the pace of various innovations occurring within all the spheres possible, and drones are not left aside. Before entering the commercial world, UAVs were mainly engaged in the military sector. Most probably particularly this served the reason for the whole issue of drones being faded into a relative […]

Dubai Plans First Drone Trading Platform

Reading Time: 1 minute The fast-growing Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre (DMCC) free trade zone is to join forces with Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) to exploit commercial drone opportunities. The two plan to to create a drone trading platform as part of the emirate’s vehicle regulation working closely with Dubai’s Department of Economic Development to refine regulations for commercial drones. […]

FAA Panel Recommends Standards For Drone Flights

Reading Time: 1 minute A US FAA advisory panel has recommended that regulators set new rules allowing drones to fly over members of the public if the aircraft meet new standards. A report issued by the 27-member panel, which included representatives from the drone, aviation and technology industries, recommended that the FAA limit the risk of serious injury to […]