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Brand New Airline to Enter Operations with Embraer Aircraft

Reading Time: < 1 minute A start-up airline from Denmark, Great Dane Airlines, established in 2018, has announced it is ready to begin operations already this June with two Embraer E195 jet aircraft. Great Dane will initially serve routes to Chania, Mallorca, Varna, and Rhodes from Aalborg Airport. Soon after, the airline will add Dublin, Edinburgh, and Nice to their […]

Russia to Fly Surveillance Mission Over Denmark

Reading Time: < 1 minute The head of Russia’s Nuclear Risk Reduction Center said that Russian inspectors will conduct an aerial surveillance flight over Denmark in a Tu-154M-LK-1 surveillance aircraft within the scope of the Treaty on Open Skies. “The surveillance flight over Denmark will be carried out between September 12-17, 2016, taking off from the open skies Aalborg Airport […]

Danish Government Approves $3Bln Purchase of F-35 Fighters From US

Reading Time: < 1 minute Defense contractor Lockheed Martin said in a press release that government of Denmark has backed an order of 27 F-35 fighter jets from the United States, which amounts to $3 billion. The government of Denmark has backed an order of 27 F-35 fighter jets from the United States, which amounts to $3 billion, defense contractor Lockheed Martin said […]

European First Responders Will Use DJI Drones In Rescue Operations

Reading Time: 2 minutes DJI, the world’s largest commercial drone manufacturer, announced today that it is training first responders in Europe to use drones in rescue operations. The project, which will be rolled out in partnership with the European Emergency Number Association (EENA), a Brussels-based NGO, could improve efficiency and save lives. “Drones are transforming the way first response […]