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Does Modern Maintenance Require Component-Based MRO Software?

Reading Time: 2 minutes James Elliott, director for MRO for aviation and defense at IFS, argues that both airlines and shops need much more granular insight into every part of every aircraft as new models become pervasive in commercial aircraft maintenance. The shift from the old, rigid A, B, C, D checks, with batches of maintenance tasks done at […]

How Blockchain And Cloud Can Reinforce Cyber Security In Commercial Aviation?

Reading Time: 4 minutes From keeping aircraft in the air to checking passengers in, aviation organizations rely heavily on IT systems. But data collected from the growing number of aircraft, routes and passengers has increased the pressure on these systems, while legacy and inflexible IT systems are also leaving airlines vulnerable to the growing threat of cyber-attacks. Jeff Cass, […]

How Might Blockchain Be Used To Manage Aircraft Assets?

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Blockchain is one of the most discussed and intriguing technologies out there today,” observes Bas de Vos, director of IFS Labs at IFS. “It is a huge, global distributed ledger or database running on many devices and open to anyone within the blockchain. Its purpose is to ensure a 100% secure, verifiable and traceable database […]

Three Trends Taking Off in Civil Aviation MRO in 2017

Reading Time: 5 minutes The civil aviation industry is one of the most asset-intensive industries in the world. With parts that are high-cost and low in numbers, even the slightest of improvements in asset functionality and maintenance can yield significant cost and efficiency advantages. Espen Olsen, Business Development and Sales for Aerospace & Defense at IFS explains how two […]

IFS Supports Affinity in UK MOD Military Flying Training System

Reading Time: 2 minutes IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Affinity Flying Training Services has chosen IFS Applications™ 9 and IFS Managed Cloud™ as one integrated solution for aircraft maintenance and ERP. The agreement with IFS, including licenses, is valued at approximately £1.2 million for the first six years of the 18-year contract. Affinity Flying Services Limited […]