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Engine Blaze Forces Delta Flight to London to Turn Back to Atlanta

A Delta Air Lines plane made an emergency landing Wednesday at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport shortly after takeoff when smoke was spotted billowing out of its right engine. Flight was headed from Atlanta to London when the flight’s crew noticed something was wrong with one of the engines. Delta Airlines said the plane had problems […]

GOL Boeing 737 Takes Off with a Landed Aircraft Still on Runway

GOL Transportes Aereos Boeing 737-800, performing flight from Brasilia to Sao Luis with 154 passengers and 6 crew, was accelerating for takeoff when the crew recognized the previous landing, an air force aircraft, was still on the runway. The Boeing continued takeoff passing close to the air force plane and landed in Sao Luis without […]

Ceiling Panel Falls on Toddler during American Airlines Flight to Dallas

A mother reported that a ceiling panel and oxygen tank fell on her 1-year-old son Saturday during an American Airlines flight from Hong Kong to DFW International Airport. Jennifer Zanone said in a Facebook post that her son was sitting on her lap when the panel fell on landing at the airport. She said she […]

Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321 Strikes Its Tail on Landing

The first officer had difficulty maintaining localizer and glideslope as well as maintaining speed, the captain provided instructions to correct, the corrections made by the first officer were insufficient however.Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321, performing flight from Pleiku to Hanoi (Vietnam), was on final approach to Hanoi with a low time first officer flying the aircraft […]

Turbulence Injures 4 on the KLM Boeing 777 Flight to Amsterdam

KLM Boeing 777, performing flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam, was enroute over the Atlantic Ocean when the aircraft suffered severe turbulence causing injuries to two passengers and two flight attendants. After assessment of the injuries the crew decided to continue the flight to Amsterdam, descending towards Amsterdam the crew requested medical assistance available at landing […]

Rossiya Airlines A319 Runs Over Ground Worker’s Foot on Push Back

Rossiya Airbus A319-100, performing flight from London Gatwick to Saint Petersburg, was being pushed back for departure when the aircraft was stopped, emergency services responded to attend to a ground worker, who became trapped with his foot under one of the aircraft’s wheels. Emergency services released the man and airlifted the ground worker with serious […]

LOT Boeing 787 Engine Shuts Down in Flight over Atlantic

LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787-800, performing flight from Mexico to Poland, was enroute over the Atlantic Ocean when the crew needed to shut one of the engines down. The aircraft diverted to New York JFK and landed safely on New York’s runway 04L about 2:15 hours later. The crew advised no further assistance was needed […]

Pilot Incapacitated During the Condor Boeing 767 Fligth Over Atlantic

A Condor Boeing 767-300 was enroute over the Atlantic Ocean when one of the flight crew members became incapacitated. The third flight crew member took over, the crew declared Mayday and diverted to St. John’s. Due to the weather conditions at St. John’s the crew subsequently decided to divert to Halifax, Canada where the aircraft […]

An-12 Cargo Plane Loses over 3 Tonnes of Gold During Takeoff

An An-12 cargo plane carrying some 9 tonnes of gold has lost a third of its cargo during takeoff from the Yakutsk airport in Eastern Siberia, a local transport police spokesman told TASS on Thursday. Earlier reports said that the plane’s cargo hatch was partially torn off by a strong flow of air during takeoff. […]

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Engine Shuts Down in Flight

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737, performing flight from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles with 110 people on board, was climbing out Salt Lake City when the crew reported they had engine compressor stalls, there were streaks of flame but not engine fire indication. The crew levelled off at 10,000 feet, shut the engine down and […]