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Airlines May Burn Through $61 Billion Cash Reserves in Q2

Reading Time: < 1 minute The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is further estimating the losses global airlines will suffer due to grave impact of the coronavirus on air travel. According to the recent analysis, airlines may collectively burn through $61 billion of their cash reserves during the second quarter of 2020, where quarterly net loss could result in $39 […]

United Airlines
United Airlines Reports Third-Quarter 2017 Net Income

Reading Time: < 1 minute United Airlines (UAL) reported third-quarter net income of US$637m, pre-tax earnings of approximately US$1.0bn and pre-tax margin of 9.9%. Excluding special charges, UAL reported third-quarter net income of US$669m, pre-tax earnings of US$1.0bn and pre-tax margin of 10.4%. UAL repurchased US$556m of its common shares in the third quarter, bringing the year-to-date share repurchases to […]