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World’s Largest Aircraft Makes Maiden Flight

Reading Time: 2 minutes You have got it right. The biggest aircraft in the world took off for its first flight and, most importantly, successfully completed it on 13 April, 2019. It is the Stratolaunch Roc, the carbon-composite plane built by Stratolaunch Systems, founded in 2011 by Paul G. Allen. The plane with “a dual fuselage design and wingspan […]

World’s Biggest Plane Taxis Closer to Takeoff

Reading Time: 2 minutes The hefty, double-bodied Stratolaunch airplane — its wingspan of 385 feet (117 meters) is the widest in the world — recently reached a new milestone that brings it one step closer to leaving the ground. In runway tests conducted on Sunday (Feb. 25) at the Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California, Stratolaunch achieved […]

World’s Largest Airplane By Wingspan Is Rolled Out

Reading Time: 2 minutes Stratolaunch aircraft has reached a major milestone in its journey toward providing convenient, reliable, and routine access to low Earth orbit. For the first time ever Stratolaunch aircraft was moved out of the hangar to conduct aircraft fueling tests. This marks the completion of the initial aircraft construction phase and the beginning of the aircraft ground […]