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Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 Hits a Bird Flock

Reading Time: < 1 minute A THY Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration TC-JJM performing flight TK-2313 from Izmir to Istanbul (Turkey), was on approach to Istanbul’s runway 34L when the aircraft flew through a flock of birds and received multiple bird impacts on the left hand side. The aircraft continued for a safe landing and taxied to the apron. A […]

Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 Experiences Runway Excursion

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800, performing flight from Lviv (Ukraine) to Istanbul (Turkey) with 59 passengers and 6 crew, experienced runway excursion during backtrack. Aircraft was backtracking runway 31 for departure when the aircraft veered left off the runway just ahead of turn loop taxiway 8 (which was closed however. The passengers disembarked via mobile stairs […]

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THY Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 Experiences Bird Strike

Reading Time: < 1 minute A THY Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-8 MAX, performing flight from Istanbul (Turkey) to Accra (Ghana), experienced bird strike. Aircraft was in the initial climb out of Istanbul Ataturk’s runway 05 when the aircraft received a bird strike prompting the crew to stop the climb at 9000 feet. Crew decided to return to Istanbul for a […]