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South Africa Launches Continent’s First Solar-Powered Airport

South Africa has launched the continent’s first solar-powered airport. George Airport located in the South African town of the same name, is Africa’s first eco-friendly airport powered by the sun. All services at the airport from the control tower and escalators to restaurants and ATMs are supplied by a small solar power station nearby. The […]

Airbus C295W Demonstrates Air-to-Air Refueling Capability

Airbus Defence and Space has successfully demonstrated the Airbus C295W medium transport as an airborne tanker. The C295W, equipped with a palletized air-to-air refuelling unit and associated computer control system, conducted multiple contacts with a standard Spanish Air Force C295 in a test flight on 29 September. Both crews reported extremely smooth operation at various […]

Russia’s “Electronic Ears” over Aleppo in Syria

The information revolution that began with the explosion of computing technology in the 1970s which has transformed the face of warfare. Whereas in the past wars were waged by sizable military forces which sought decision by closing with the enemy and destroying him, including through close interpersonal combat, these days such actions are rare. The […]

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American Airlines’ New Ad Campaign Wants to Humanize the Airline

Two years after American Airlines launched ads focused on its passenger-friendly improvements — like new airplanes, more Wi-Fi and more business class flatbeds — the carrier is switching course with a new, more sophisticated campaign designed to “humanize” its message. The now-retired ‘Going for Great’ Campaign, “felt like it was a lot about us,” American […]

The Best-Selling Aircraft Engine in the World
The Best-Selling Aircraft Engine in the World

The 30 000th world‘s best-selling engine was produced near Paris, France at Safran Aircraft Engines a few days ago. The engine was designed by CFM International, a joint company with the French engine maker, Safran Aircraft Engines and the American General Electric. The American side brought its know-how on the hot parts of the engine […]

Airbus has “One Thing to Say” to Boeing on its 100th Anniversary
Airbus Has “One Thing to Say” To Boeing On Its 100th Anniversary

Boeing this week marks reaching 100 years in business, and the company is dueling with archrival Airbus at the Farnborough Air Show to notch orders and claim supremacy. Airbus, not willing to let the occasion go unnoticed, released this video with company employees describing how the two are “fighting for every order”. Then, in several […]

Si2 Attempts First Emission-Free Solar Electric Transatlantic Flight
Si2 Attempts First Emission-Free Solar Electric Transatlantic Flight

Si2 took off early Monday morning from JFK, NY, to attempt the crossing of the Atlantic and prove that an efficient energy future is possible. Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) took off early Monday morning from Kennedy Airport, New York, to attempt the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and prove that an efficient energy future is possible. […]

Emirates reveals 360-video tour of A380 flight deck
Emirates Reveals 360-Video Tour of A380 Flight Deck

Emirates, the world’s largest operator of the Airbus A380, has released the world’s first 360-video tour of the A380 cockpit. Watch Captain Thomas Ziarno from New Zealand and First Officer Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Busaeedi from the United Arab Emirates give an immersive 360-view tour of the flight deck controls of an Emirates A380, the world’s […]

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Forget Self-driving Cars, a Helicopter Completes 30-mile Autonomous Flight

Cars aren’t the only autonomous vehicles being tested. Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, has “successfully demonstrated a 30-mile autonomous flight using a Sikorsky S-76® commercial helicopter.” A video recently published to YouTube shows a flight operator directing the aircraft’s takeoff with a tablet. The operator can also use the device to select or enter a flight […]

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Airbus Files Patent for Super Speedy Helicopter

In a move that would take high speed helicopters to whole new level, Airbus has filed a patent for what they believe could be the world’s fastest helicopter. The hybrid aircraft is an advanced version of the Airbus’ Eurocopter X3, which is currently under development. The concept is part of Airbus Helicopters’ (formerly known as […]