35 Injured After Turbulence Hits Air Canada Boeing 777

Photo: Aero Icarus

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An Air Canada Boeing 777-200, performing flight AC-33 from Vancouver (Canada) to Sydney (Australia) with 269 passengers and 15 crew, was enroute over the Pacific Ocean at 36,000 feet approximately 600 miles southwest of Honolulu when the aircraft encountered turbulence.

Turbulence caused a number of injuries on board. The crew decided to turn around and divert to Honolulu, where the aircraft landed safely about 2:15 hours later.

The airline reported 35 passengers received minor injuries as result of the severe clear air turbulence encounter about 2 hours past Honolulu.

The passengers were taken to hotels in Honolulu until another aircraft can be dispatched. Passengers reported fellow passengers literally went flying within the aircraft and hit the ceiling of the cabin.