Ryanair’s CEO Predicts Pre-Covid Passenger Numbers In 2021

Photo: Ryanair

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According to Ryanair’s forecasts, the passenger numbers will be close to their pre-Covid levels by summer 2021. Such an affirmation contradicts the prevailing industry’s opinion that it will take several years for the traffic to get back to normal.

Michael O’leary CEO of Ryanair; photo: Shutterstock

“There’s going to be an enormous snapback on travel demand … Mrs. O’Leary is very keen to go back to the Algarve and I suspect she’d be there in 2.5 nanoseconds after the coronavirus restrictions are lifted. I think she’s reflective of the overwhelming majority of Europe’s population, and they will go back,” said Ryanair Group CEO Michael O’Leary.

The chief executive also specified that it is feasible to reach 75-80% of pre-Covid levels in 2021, especially if the vaccine becomes available in spring.

“I’ve heard a lot of rubbish coming from legacy airlines that it’ll be 2035 till the volumes come back. Rubbish. Volumes will go back in 2021 or 2022 pretty quickly – they will go back because Ryanair will discount prices, hotels will discount,” O’Leary added.

On a different note, O’Leary is in favor of Boeing 737 MAX resuming its service soon. He is not convinced by predominant concerns over the aircraft’s safety since it has undergone a thorough recertification process after two fatal accidents: “It will be the most audited, the most interrogated, safest aircraft ever to fly.”

Source: the guardian