63% of Boeing’s Q2 Deliveries Were For The 737 MAX Type

Boeing 737 MAX

Photo: Boeing

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According to Boeing’s most recent data, approximately two-thirds of all aircraft delivered in Q2 of 2021 were 737 MAX aircraft. The total number was 79 commercial aircraft during the quarter, with 50 of Boeing’s 737 MAX family.

Based on the information from ch-aviation.com, Aeromexico was the biggest customer of this quarter as it took 8 of the 50 deliveries. Southwest accounted for 7, TUI for 6, and Flair Airlines for 5 of the airplanes.

In addition to the 737 MAX aircraft, Boeing also delivered 8 767 freighters, a single 747, 8 777s, and 12 787 Dreamliners.

A year ago, the aerospace giant reported just 20 deliveries within three months as it was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and was seriously affected by the 737 MAX grounding. Last year, the Boeing 787 was its best-selling aircraft type, with seven of the aircraft delivered.

Source: Boeing