Aeromexico Boeing 738 Runs Service Truck Over

Photo: @ Jaz Sawyer

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An Aeromexico Boeing 737-800, registration XA-AML performing flight AM-642 from Mexico City (Mexico) to Los Angeles,CA (USA) with 149 people on board, had landed on Los Angeles’ runway 25L without incident and was taxiing towards the terminal when the right hand wing toppled a service truck over.

The 8 occupants of the service truck received injuries, the occupants on board of the aircraft remained uninjured. The truck received substantial damage, the wing of the aircraft was damaged.

LA Police reported six occupants of the truck received injuries, one of them critical injuries.

The Airport reported eight occupants of the truck received injuries, all are in stable condition. The aircraft sustained minor damage and was able to continue taxi to the gate.

Airport Fire Services reported 8 occupants of the truck received injuries.

@ Stephanie Martinez