Aeromexico Connect Pilots Protest Halts 51 Mexico City Airport Flights

Photo: / Jonathan Parra

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Aeromexico reported flight 51 cancellations at Mexico City International Airport Nov. 28 following a no-show by a group of Aeromexico Connect pilots protesting the firing of a colleague.

Canceled flights largely involved domestic routes within Mexico, but also included international flights to Detroit, Orlando, Panama, Lima, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York. Aeromexico Connect is the larger company’s regional subsidiary.

According to a post on Aeromexico’s website, the protest “was caused by the dismissal of a pilot who was fired from the airline after a long history of misconduct, complying [with] the procedures provided in the collective labor agreement between the company and the Mexican Aviator Pilots Union (ASPA).”

Aeromexico said the pilots ignored a call made by ASPA union leadership to avoid affecting passengers.

“The flight affectations at Mexico City International Airport that occurred were the result of a group of Aeromexico Connect pilots … that did not attend their programmed work schedules,” the airline said.

The airline said it is working “at its maximum capacity” to restore operations, adding affected passengers “will be protected according to the current airline policies and those established by the Civil Aviation and Consumer Protection laws.”