Aeromexico E190 Bursts into Flames in Mexico


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An Aeromexico Connect Embraer ERJ-190, performing flight from Durango to Mexico City (Mexico) with 97 passengers and 4 crew, rejected takeoff from Durango’s runway 03 at about 15:15L (20:15Z), but veered left off the runway and overran the end of the runway and burst into flames in viewing distance of the airport’s apron.

The local governor reported the aircraft was about to take off when the aircraft suffered an accident. There have been no fatalities, there are a number of injuries that are currently being taken care of.

The State Health Department reported 18 people with injuries were taken to a local hospital about 18km from the airport. Local Emergency Services reported they transported 27 people with injuries to various public and private hospitals in the area.

A runway inspection, driving in opposite direction of runway 03 from runway end to runway threshold, shows both engines off the left hand side of runway 03 (to the right hand of the runway inspection vehicle, see video below), the aircraft coming to a stop past the runway end.

Ground observers reported the aircraft suffered an engine (CF34) failure at about V1, veered left off the runway and came to a stop to the left of the runway and past the runway end.

A passenger reported the aircraft was accelerating for takeoff but did not succeed becoming airborne. Once the aircraft came to a stop it took about 3-4 minutes until the aircraft burst into flames enabling the occupants to evacuate the aircraft.