Air Caraibes A350 Damages Runway Lights and Two Tyres

Photo: Perfect Stangers

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An Air Caraibes Airbus A350-900, performing flight from Paris Orly (France) to Pointe a Pitre (Guadeloupe), encountered a windshear, veered to the right and contacted a number of runway edge lights causing a number of them being damaged and two forward right main tyres to be damaged. The crew managed to steer the aircraft back onto the center line of the runway and vacated the runway.

The runway needed to be closed for about 4 hours to remove the tyre debris and for repairs.

A passenger reported he expected a go around due to the weather conditions, however the aircraft touched down. There was a lot of water, via the onboard cameras they could see the aircraft veer to the right and return to the center of the runway.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground at Pointe a Pitre 24 hours after landing.